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Why are fermented foods so special?

Fermentation is the natural process by which friendly yeasts and bacteria metabolise the carbohydrates in food. Nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals are boosted and become easier to digest and complex flavours are developed. Not only that, but the presence of these live organisms are probiotic and contribute to the diversity of gut bacteria (gut microbiome). This matters because studies now show what tradition has long believed, that gut health has a direct affect on our general health and well-being.

In short, fermented foods are more digestible, more delicious and more nutritious than the raw ingredients they are made form.


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Selection of our Kombucha, Sauerkraut

& 100% Apple Juice range


 Gunpowder green tea, lime & elderflower, ginger & hibiscus, elderberry & lavender

 Pu'erh black tea, lemon & hops

Classic Sauerkraut



Beetroot & Horseradish



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Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi with its addictive flavours of chilli, garlic and ginger is as you will know Korea's national dish eaten with just about every meal. I admit to a similar love for this tasty kraut version and find and never ending list of ways to eat it. For breakfast you can of course add it to any of your favorite breakfast foods though I get cereal would be the exception. Use leftover vegetables chopped up and mixed with Kimchi Kraut and some oats or flour, with or without an egg, a little salt, some water, maybe some chopped spring onion if they are to hand then added to an oiled medium hot pan for a couple of minutes before being put under the grill to cook from the top. When done slide out of t

Spice Ferments - they're a thing -really!

Yes really! We are the only people we know of making fermented spice pastes such as Harissa and lazy Garlic. For our Harissa we ferment the lemons, garlic and chilli for a minimum of 6 weeks then combine with the dry spice. The result is a complex flavour quite unlike the shop bought alternatives. Use them as you would in cooking where there slightly acidic flavour will give all your dishes a real boost to uses then uncooked in dressing or stirred through cooked pasta, veg or in sandwiches f. Enjoy...



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